Hosting an Outdoor Cinema At Home: Steps and Suggestions

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As early as 1900s, open air cinemas have been around. As a matter of fact, the world’s oldest running open air cinema, Sun Pictures, was established in the year 1916 in Australia. In the USA, drive-in and open air cinemas became booming during the 1950s and from then onwards, it never really died out.

Today, there are thousands of outdoor cinemas all over the world competing with the creativity and services they offer. The fact that this type of cinema is still alive and kicking today truly tells us that there is something about outdoor cinemas that continue to stimulate people’s interest. This becomes even more apparent with the rise of homeowners who are determined to create their very own version of outdoor cinemas.

Perhaps, you are one of those who are interested in putting up your very own front or backyard cinema for the entertainment of your family or friends. It’s great to know that because this article intends to serve as your guide. Without further ado, here are the steps you need to take.


  • Spot and prepare the location

First and foremost, this outdoor home cinema is only possible if you have an available area outside and within the bounds of your house. No, you cannot set up your outdoor theater in your neighbor’s garden just because you don’t have enough space in your place.

After you determine the perfect location for this cinema project, you must proceed to preparing the area. Preparations may include mowing the tall grasses, sweeping the area, installing tents, and the like.

  • Purchase the necessary equipment.

For this project, you will need a projector, sound system, disc player, a laptop, extension wires, and a movie screen. The projector may be the one that costs the most and so, if you can find used projectors for sale, that would be fine as long as they still work correctly. You may use your own speakers for the sound system, your own DVD player or your laptop. As for the movie screen, you can make your own or purchase from

  • Set up the area.

Once you have all necessary equipment, you’re ready to set them up in your preferred location. You will be needing the extension wires if the area is far from sockets. The distance between the screen and the seats will depend on the size of your screen. For instance if you have a 16:9 screen that is 109 inches, you’ll have to place it around 10 feet away from the seats. Place the laptop and the projector in the center a couple of feet away from the screen; you may adjust according to your preference. As for the speakers, if it isn’t surround sound system, you’ll have to place in front and facing the audience.

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  • Test drive the cinema.

Before inviting people over, test drive your very own outdoor cinema. Check if the distance of the projector is perfect, listen to how the movie sounds like, arrange the seats properly, etc. Do the necessary adjustments until you are satisfied.

  • Prepare list of movies.

Of course, don’t forget to prepare the DVDs or if you’re relying on a laptop, don’t forget to download the soft copies of the movies you want to watch.


  • Inform your neighbors

Don’t be an insensitive neighbor. Inform your neighbor if you’re about to host an outdoor movie night. Furthermore, be sensitive with the volume as well especially if it’s night time.

  • Debug the area

To prevent insects and bugs from joining your movie marathon, debug the location. In addition, use sprays or lotions that are insect or bug repellent. If you’re gonna be watching in your outdoor cinema with your baby in a carrier or with kids, you might as well bathe them in bug and insect repellent lotion.

  • Do it at night

Host a movie night, not a movie day. Using your outdoor cinema during the afternoon will mean you and the rest of the audience will be under the heat of the scorching sun; the movie screen as well won’t be able to show the right colors of the movie due to the rays of the sun.

What’s So Good About Laser Christmas Lighting?

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Christmas is a time we all look forward to. It’s an opportunity to reunite with family and friends. You get to wind up your year in glitter and cheer. As usual, it’s accompanied by Christmas trees, gifts and plenty of food. More often than not, people fail to fulfill the tiniest details of a full Christmas experience.

We overlook the lighting factors when organizing our Christmas holidays. Xmas laser lights are a safe and magnificent way to light up your Christmas mood. These lights are bright enough to be viewed from miles away. They are perfect for your backyard or even indoors. Unlike regular lights, laser lights add to that ultimate and memorable Christmas holiday.

6 Advantages 

  1. Beautiful, Bright Colors

They come in different colors. You can choose to mix the colors up or go with your favorite. Xmas laser lights only need to charge a little bit before using them in your garden. The color is said to bring warmth to a house and so do laser lights to your unadorned garden.

  1. Easy to Install

Xmas laser lights come tied with strings to help you position them in your garden. You can choose the number of bulbs depending on the size of the plot. An interesting way to create a beautiful garden is by hanging them in shapes, horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

It is tedious to climb the roof just to light up your house. With the sharp, bright features of the laser, you meet your lighting needs for a perfect Christmas experience.

christmas laser lights

  1. Excellent for Outdoors

Christmas laser lights are waterproof and ideally suited for the outdoors. You do not have to worry about lighting up your house during winter or wet conditions. The fitting strings attached to the lights allow you to wind them up with flowers in your garden. Besides Christmas season, you may even use these laser lights whenever you host an outdoor barbecue party, an outdoor movie night, etc. 

  1. Safe to Use

We’ve heard of fire outbreaks over Christmas caused by faulty lights. Laser lights use high-quality metal parts compared to the regular lights. The electric thermostat ensures the temperature is safe and steady.

  1. A Long Lifespan

It’s very frustrating when your Christmas lights go off just in a matter of days. Laser lights have an extended lifespan and will serve you for as long as you need. The thermostat enables the lights to adjust a stable temperature condition. The usual bulbs, if used for prolonged periods heat up and eventually go off. It may not be safe especially when using them around young children.

  1. Remote Control

You can adjust the settings of your laser bulbs by remote control. Most Christmas lights have this feature, but laser ones can be controlled from as far as 60 feet away. The remote control helps you:

  • Switch to a different color.
  • Flash the lights on and off as you wish.
  • Adjust the time when to turn on and off.
  • You can randomly change the colors e.g. from blue to red, to green and back to blue.


Ensure proper installation of Christmas laser lights to avoid faults that would lead to disconnection or inefficiency. Follow the trend, light up your world and enjoy your Christmas holidays in style. To know more, check out Laser Light Bro’s Info.


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Safety Starts with a Great Baby Carrier – Introducing the Mission Critical Carrier

Over the years there have been numerous recalls on baby products. There has been baby crib recalls, and baby toy recalls, but the child car seat is probably the one product that has seen the most recalls. The mission critical baby carrier also has had its share of issues. Let us examine this product further.

The baby carrier has safety features put in place to prevent the baby from falling. Here are the
features by order of importance. The straps that go over the shoulders are the most important of these because if they break then the baby could be turned upside down and could easily slip out. The waist strap is also important in that they hug the baby at the waste in case the shoulder straps do happen to break. In some cases, these straps cannot support the child by themselves at all. The headrest is important for the safety of the child because you do not want the baby’s head rolling around. The headrest also helps to protect the baby from the outside elements.

Here are some tips to ensure your baby is safe. First buy a critical baby carrier that is sewntogether, not latched. They seem to hold better, and some locks have been known to unfasten or break quickly.
Also, check the straps to ensure the baby can be held in place if any of the straps should fail. Do not go and purchase a cheap one. Some baby carriers are not double stitched or are otherwise sewn poorly. Watch for cheap materials as they could easily tear.

You should also check the critical baby carrier before each trip. Just like adjusting your mirrors in your car and putting on your seat belt, you should make sure there are no tears or frayed stitching. Do not forget to check the underside as that is where most tears take place. That is also the worst place for something bad to happen. Finally, test the forecast if you are taking a long walk or hike. You do not want your baby to be caught in inclement weather.

Sometimes parents hold the bottom of their baby even while in the mission critical infant carrier. While observing this safety feature, you will notice it is usually one that was put in place because of a poorly made baby carrier; although this is also seen in fantastic carriers as well. It must be that added security that gives parents piece of mind.