How to Protect Digital Copyrights – An Artist’s Guide

image showing artists intellectual property

Knowing how Internet security works is an important part of making sure that both you’re work is safe and not stolen by other parties. One of the unique problems that is faced by all artists is keeping their information safe and secure.

How to Keep Your Artwork Safe

If you’re doing digital artwork, photography or video-editing there are a lot of different things that could potentially fall in the hands of a thief. It’s important to consider the amount of time you have spend both producing and refining the work you have created. Protecting it is important, especially when it’s your livelihood.

Below are a couple of things I suggest doing when maintaining privacy both online and offline for your work.

Use a VPN

VPNs offer a method of concealing ones identity while surfing online and not having your data and web habits tracked by third parties. Tracking is a common issue and even Google’s own font (google font) contains a tracking code used to follow you around the interwebs. Don’t let this happen to you. Browse safely.

Backup Your Info

Backing up your info via iCloud or just an external harddrive is a great option. Another thing you can consider is using automatic backup folders with a tool like Dropbox. Anytime you finish updating something or adding more information to it you basically get an updated version of it that is safe from damage.  No need to remember to save it or back it up, it’s already done for you.

Don’t Use Yahoo

Yahoo has terrible privacy and recently over 5 million accounts were compromised leading to some of the biggest leaks in public data in the last few years. Using Google gmail is a lot more secure and if you’re serious about your work you should have an @domain name email anyways. Google apps also offers a host of useful information that can be used to save information and even update your docs.

Don’t Upload It Everywhere

If it’s a digital publication that you’ve been working hard on it’s important to maintain some level of secrecy. Don’t upload it to Facebook or other online sharing sites unless that is your specific plan. Keeping it safe on your hard drive is the best plan.


DMCA offers a way to serve takedown notices for anyone that is using stolen content or artwork. You’ll need to pay for the service, but it’s quite cheap at only 5/month. This ensures that no matter where you post your content it will be safe from people who want to steal it.

Know Your Countries Laws

Protecting ones privacy and maintaining your copyright are treated very differently in America than they are in Asia. If you’re online working in Asia and want to avoid people stealing your content or artwork then privacy is important. Even using a VPN in Singapore is required despite the high online protection.

infographic how to protect copyright

Final Thoughts on Protecting Your Copyright

Knowing your rights and the tools that can protect those rights is integral to making sure your content isn’t stolen or jeopardized in any way shape or form.  The fact is that the Internal has become a place of sharing but within that atmosphere there are still a lot of people who are willing to steal.

Good luck!