Safety Starts with a Great Baby Carrier – Introducing the Mission Critical Carrier

Over the years there have been numerous recalls on baby products. There has been baby crib recalls, and baby toy recalls, but the child car seat is probably the one product that has seen the most recalls. The mission critical baby carrier also has had its share of issues. Let us examine this product further.

The baby carrier has safety features put in place to prevent the baby from falling. Here are the
features by order of importance. The straps that go over the shoulders are the most important of these because if they break then the baby could be turned upside down and could easily slip out. The waist strap is also important in that they hug the baby at the waste in case the shoulder straps do happen to break. In some cases, these straps cannot support the child by themselves at all. The headrest is important for the safety of the child because you do not want the baby’s head rolling around. The headrest also helps to protect the baby from the outside elements.

Here are some tips to ensure your baby is safe. First buy a critical baby carrier that is sewntogether, not latched. They seem to hold better, and some locks have been known to unfasten or break quickly.
Also, check the straps to ensure the baby can be held in place if any of the straps should fail. Do not go and purchase a cheap one. Some baby carriers are not double stitched or are otherwise sewn poorly. Watch for cheap materials as they could easily tear.

You should also check the critical baby carrier before each trip. Just like adjusting your mirrors in your car and putting on your seat belt, you should make sure there are no tears or frayed stitching. Do not forget to check the underside as that is where most tears take place. That is also the worst place for something bad to happen. Finally, test the forecast if you are taking a long walk or hike. You do not want your baby to be caught in inclement weather.

Sometimes parents hold the bottom of their baby even while in the mission critical infant carrier. While observing this safety feature, you will notice it is usually one that was put in place because of a poorly made baby carrier; although this is also seen in fantastic carriers as well. It must be that added security that gives parents piece of mind.

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